Starting a Lingerie Business

Starting a business is rather simple for a digital entrepreneur. Only when you look for profitable items to include in your online store does the issue arise.

Let me tell you a little secret, selling a certain niche is one of the key strategies for success.

And what better niche product to choose from than something you use every day? Lingerie products are another attractive category.

Is the Dropshipping Market for Lingerie Profitable?

Yes, without a doubt. Lingerie is a lucrative dropshipping market. Despite the fact that underwear can appear like the ideal Valentine’s Day present, women wear lingerie all year long, which boosts sales.

Lingerie sales worldwide were estimated to be worth 42 billion dollars in 2020, and are projected to reach 78.66 billion dollars in 2027.

This demonstrates that there will be no imminent slowdown in the lingerie business. There is potential to make sizable earnings when we combine the dropshipping model’s low risk element with the profitability of the lingerie sector.

What Lingerie Items Are Best for Dropshipping?

Let’s first look at the hottest lingerie items to dropship before moving on to the providers.


Women use bras most frequently among their usual undergarments. They consequently rose to the top of the list of the most popular underwear items.

Bras are utilized for more than just daily support. They also have a number of health advantages, so it seems a good reason that they will draw a lot of clients to your lingerie shop.

The covering of a bra, such as whether it has demi-cups or full coverage, determines its kind. There are other options for wired, unwired, wireless, cushioned, and unpadded.

You can also include alternatives like sports bras, racerback bras, maternity bras, and others, depending on their functionality.

In general, bras are an adaptable item of clothing that women wear depending on their attire and the occasion, making them a perfect dropship product.

Silk Slips

Women use silk slips, which are expensive things, over other undergarments. But ladies can also style them to match their clothes or wear them as nightgowns. Slips made of silk are renowned for their elegance and comfort.

Additionally, you can include silk slips made of various materials, such as heavy satin or transparent slips. Depending on their preferences, your customers would also be seeking for half-slips or full-slips.

Depending on their preferences, your guests may request a particular style of silk slip. Silk slips are not a product where one style fits all, so the more variations you offer, the greater your conversion rate will be.


Corsets are a consistently popular item. Corsets fit all kinds of styles, whether a consumer like goth, boss-lady, or seductress fashion. They are available in a variety of patterns, including ribbon, hourglass, sweetheart, and s-curve.

Always choose top-notch materials for your online store, such as cotton, linen, mesh, leather, and satin. Remember to please your customers with all of these variants as well.

Seamless Underwear

Seamless underwear is a similar daily requirement for women as bras. One of the body-fitting clothes that customers adore purchasing is seamless underwear. Say good-bye to exposed seams and hello to the comfort offered by seamless underwear. Additionally, you can sell seamless underwear sets that clients can wear every day of the week.

End Thoughts

One important thing you should keep in mind, if you want to earn more without spending too much on these items, make sure to buy wholesale lingerie. By doing this, you can save a lot but earn big time.