Kite Shaped Engagement Ring Recommendations

For practicality and durability, choose a bezel setting for your kite-shaped engagement ring. Bezel settings encircle the diamond with a metal rim, offering maximum protection for the edges of the stone. This not only enhances the ring’s durability by preventing chipping but also provides a modern and sleek look.

Instead of a traditional diamond, consider using colored gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds, or morganites for a distinctive look. A kite-shaped colored gemstone surrounded by a halo of diamonds or set in a vintage-inspired design can create a stunning and vibrant engagement ring. Colored gemstones add a pop of color and individuality to the ring, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate unconventional beauty.

Choosing the perfect kite cut engagement ring is a significant and personal decision, and if you’ve set your sights on a kite-shaped diamond, you’re in for a unique and elegant choice. Here are some kite-shaped engagement ring recommendations to help you find the ideal ring that reflects your style, preferences, and the depth of your love story.

Classic Elegance with a Single Kite-Shaped Diamond

Embrace the simplicity of a single kite-shaped diamond as the centerpiece of your engagement ring. Opt for a classic solitaire setting that showcases the diamond’s clean lines and sharp angles. This timeless design captures the essence of elegance and allows the beauty of the kite-shaped stone to shine brightly.

Modern Glamour with a Kite Halo Setting

Elevate the allure of your kite-shaped diamond by choosing a halo setting. A halo of smaller diamonds encircling the center stone not only enhances its sparkle but also adds a touch of modern glamor to the ring. The contrast between the angular kite shape and the round brilliance of the surrounding diamonds creates a captivating visual impact. Consider a rose gold or yellow gold band to infuse warmth and richness into the design, creating a ring that exudes contemporary sophistication.

Vintage Charm with Art Deco-Inspired Design

Pay homage to the elegance of the Art Deco era by selecting a kite-shaped engagement ring with vintage-inspired details. Look for intricate milgrain work, geometric patterns, and filigree designs that adorn the band. A kite-shaped diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds in a square or hexagonal halo adds to the vintage charm.

Romantic Whimsy with Colored Gemstone Accents

Add a touch of whimsy and color to your kite-shaped engagement ring by incorporating vibrant gemstones as accents. Choose colored gemstones such as blue sapphires, pink morganites, or green emeralds to complement the center diamond. The combination of the kite-shaped diamond and colorful gemstones adds a unique and enchanting element to the ring, symbolizing the vibrancy of your love story.

Bold Statement with Split Shank and Double Kite Diamonds

Make a bold statement with a split shank design featuring two kite-shaped diamonds on either side of the center stone. The split shank adds a contemporary edge to the ring, while the double kite diamonds create a striking visual balance. Choose a metal band with pave-set diamonds to add extra brilliance and create a glamorous look that exudes confidence and sophistication.

Nature-Inspired Beauty with Organic Band and Leaf Motifs

Infuse your kite-shaped engagement ring with a touch of nature-inspired beauty by opting for an organic band featuring leaf motifs or floral details. Pair this band design with a kite-shaped diamond in a bezel setting for added security and a seamless blend of nature-inspired elegance. Consider using rose gold or yellow gold to enhance the ring’s natural and warm aesthetic, symbolizing the growth and blossoming of your relationship.


Selecting a kite-shaped engagement ring allows you to explore a myriad of design possibilities, from classic elegance to modern glamor and vintage charm. Consider your partner’s style, your shared preferences, and the significance of the ring to both of you when making your choice. By choosing a kite-shaped engagement ring that resonates with your emotions and captures your unique story, you’ll have a timeless and meaningful symbol of your love and commitment.