A Complete Guide to Buying Candle Jars

Container candles are quite important in do-it-yourself candle making projects. This is because candles have a safe space to stand. You can also give candle jars as gifts for people who like making their own candles. Although you can repurpose cans or jars from the kitchen, getting bulk candle jars can save you money and give you something that is personal and unique. You should be careful when buying these types of containers because if you buy the wrong ones, you can cause hazards.


You are probably thinking that you should determine the shape of your candle jar. It is true you can make container candles of any given shape such as, cylindrical, cubic, spherical, or other irregular shapes. To choose the right container, you need to understand how a candle burns. Whenever it burns, it creates a melt pool to provide additional fuel for a flame. Once the candle is fully burned, the melting pool has a cylindrical shape.

It is advisable to get a cylinder-shaped container as it is easier and simple to wick. It does not matter whether the candle is double-wicked or single-wicked, it is easier to find the midpoint of the circle.


Since you are supposed to choose a cylinder-shaped candle jar, you need to check its diameter. Remember that the diameter will help you select the appropriate wick size. In addition, it should determine the number of wicks you require. For instance, when the diameter is larger than 5 inch, you should get 3 wicks.


You should also pay attention to the size of the candle. Usually, the size of containers is measured in volume. Most of the candle jars available on the market are measured with the water. Remember that candle wax is liquid but solid. Thus, it has a higher density than water. When you pour the candle, you are required to leave some space between the top and bottom of the container.


There is a need to consider the material of the container jar as it has an impact on the safety of candles. As you know, a candle produces a lot of heat. Therefore, you should choose a container that is heat-resistant. Avoid using plastic containers as they catch fire easily and get out of shape. Additionally, wood is not suitable because it is flammable.

Metal and glass are appropriate as they can withstand heat and maintain their shape. Moreover, these materials do not release toxic substances to air whenever they are heated. Therefore, you should choose candle jars made of metal tins and glass. Although glass has excellent resistance to heat, if it is exposed for a prolonged time, it can crack.


Candle jars are useful candle making supplies. However, most people to improvise containers, which are not safe. Make sure you choose the right candle jars that are of desired sizes, diameters, materials, and more. You should also note that safety is quite important when selecting your candle containers for candle making business.